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Product design, furniture design, permaculture design and interior design.

At Fanfare we play all these creative tools. For 20 years, in parallel with the creation and the daily conduct of one of the most important international websites dedicated to design, we have developed creations related to various fields of design. This multidisciplinary experience allows us to approach today, alone or in collaboration, numerous and varied projects with a transversal and pragmatic approach.


Product & furniture design

Design  |  Architecture  |   Permaculture  |  Contact


Architecture & interior design

Projects and architectural achievements designed in collaboration with architect's office Réservoir A


Design  |  Architecture  |   Permaculture  |  Contact



Create abundance through permaculture design. Squash, cherries, fennel, tagets and chamomile on a few square meters.

Sketch for planting the shrubs and tree layers, for a private garden. In collaboration with Thomas Delin.

Permaculture is a design practice created in the 1970s by Bill Mollison, an Australian scholar, and his assistant David Holmgren. It consists in designing systems (for example, human habitats and agricultural systems) based on the functioning of nature with the aim of creating ensembles that are productive for humans without causing any negative impact on the environment. This discipline brings together many fields of expertise: Landscape modeling, organic cultivation, arboriculture, pedology, botany, management of water flows, etc.

The permacultural design links its theoretical knowledge with the observations made on site so as to conceive a productive, harmonious and perennial system which corresponds to a given context and to the specific expectations of each project holder.

Design  |  Architecture  |   Permaculture  |  Contact


Who are we?



Artist, he exhibits his work in Galleries, Art Centers and Museums since 1992. His insatiable curiosity led him to successfully explore other creative fields: design, architecture, permaculture. In 1998, with his wife  Alix, he created a reference website in the field of design, which has received international recognition. This activity has allowed him, for almost 20 years, to be in permanent contact with the very best in its field. 

His cross expertise earned him to be invited to participate in numerous multi-disciplinary collaborations. Today, he is regularly consulted by various public institutions and private offices.



After studying art, Alix worked for 15 years in a prestigious Brussels gallery dedicated to Primitive Arts. From 1998 to 2017, she was the co-founder and true kingpin of, providing most of the work that enabled the website to achieve its important success. 

Within Fanfare, she reconnects with her creative roots and her sense of object by creating, for instance, vases produced in limited series which have become very successful. As part of Fanfare's permaculture project, she specializes in crop processing, exploring in particular the fascinating world of different types of fermentation.



Permaculturist trained at Bec Hellouin, reference center for permaculture in France, but also at PermaForêt in Bourgogne. On a daily basis, he collaborates in the development of one of the most important permaculture projects in Belgium. His thirst for additional skills brought him to participate to numerous seminars and courses:  At the Krameterhof with Josef Holzer in Austria, with Martin Crawford at the Agroforestry Research Trust in England, at Mycelia in Gent and at Cucugnan with Roland Feuillas.

Orson participates in Fanfare's permaculture projects.



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